Healthy Drinks For The Desk Troll

Most people today work behind a desk. Sitting down all day, while sipping on coffee and soda, . When lunch comes by, many of us make the decision to go out and grab a quick snack, sweets, sandwiches and more soda. Usually consuming food which wont benefit us in the long run, especially for those who sit down all day for a living. Even some gamers, usually Mountain Dew and Doritos are a gamers strict diet. I know, I’ve been there. But, we can change that, lets remember, we still want to live a long healthy life, after all, we have no save points in real life.

This article came up while drinking my kale shake. Made me think how good it feels being active during the day compared to drinking a soda. I, like many, sit behind a desk during work and school. I gained a lot of weight when hired for a desk position. I was weighing in at 250 lbs on the scale, people I am 5’8. My health was bad. But, changing my eating habit and getting back into training has really changed my life and look, for the better. Now I dropped down to 190 lbs, and currently cutting down to 175 lbs.

In this article I want to give you 3 recipes and how beneficial they are. How easy and quick you can make them. How delicious they can be and still be healthy for you. It really beats the hassle of having to chew veggies, when instead you can drink your vitamins on the go.


When blending your veggies and fruits, they tend to stay intact. This means all the nutrients will stay in the drink while consuming it. Also means you will be receiving good amounts of fiber. Fiber will help your digestive system, protect you from cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and help regulate blood pressure. For those who cannot eat veggies and fruits due to time and for most people, boredom. Shakes are fun and time efficient.


Reason why I did not put in specific amounts, is because I believe it is always up to the person. We are not all the same when it comes down to our bodies.

Every ingredient has a link, click on them to learn more about what the benefits are. Never hurts to be informed.

Kale Shake

This is shake is very common, you may mix this with, really anything. But, this is how I personally tend to make it. Results have been great.

If you want, you can add in more veggie and/or fruits, go ahead. As-long as you keep in Kale and anything green inside. ( Not Mountain Dew)

Berry Energy Shake
Perfect picture from the internet, you can keep it simple 🙂

I try adding fresh items in my shakes and tend to stay away from packaged items. The moment I arrive home, the ingredients go inside the freezer and ready for the morning blend. You can also implement the items as they are. Always comes down to preference.

Protein Shake

This drink is the newest of the three I have been drinking. It is a little heavier then the others. For me it is used after I work on strength training and a good hike up a hill.


Not a shake. But, I have noticed how many people just don’t drink water! The main element we should be putting in our bodies. PLEASE PLEASE drink more water. This article may be very informative on why you should drink more water.–100–cure-japanese-study.html

Remember to stay active, if you are sitting down all day, remind yourself to stand up and walk for a while. Same for gamers and TV enthusiast. Get up and go out for a walk. Make an effort to walk around your house for a little bit. Maybe you herd of a story about the guy who died a while back, due to playing a lot of HALO. 

 Yup, this happens a lot. Read this article if you like. Lets stay healthy my friends.

Once you start drinking any of this shakes, you will see results. Of course, do not drink a shake and later during the day eat a pizza. Obviously, we live in a imperfect world, so breaking diets happens through time to time. Just remember when you are about to eat junk, ask yourself, “do I deserve it”.

Hopefully this three recipes come in handy.

Link I loved from Huffpost, more recipes.


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