Geek In Style Guide!

Through out my life, I never had anyone teaching me anything about my appearance and how important it was. Between the ages of 2 – 7, I was dressed by my mother. Very fancy, ties and nice little shoes, with my hair parted to the side, Madmen style. Instead of stealing other men’s women, I was stealing kids milks.

Once I was given permission on what to wear, well, lets say I was no stylist, actually, the very opposite. Wearing a red Pokemon shirt, two sizes bigger, with my favorite, faded and over sized jeans. This was me, thinking I looked cool. Yes, everywhere I went by the way. Now, in retrospect, it was embarrassing. This was an issues all the way up to high school. Training in martial arts and hanging with computer nerds did not help my appearance at all. Martial Artist always wear sport shirts with running shoes and my Computer friends would wear metal band t-shirts and running shoes. Both similar except one group of friends actually used running shoes, for running.

Over a year ago I decided to make a change in my appearance. I was tired of looking like a slob. I have fallen into a state of mass depression. Yes, I was lost and getting tired of people not taking me serious. If you like it or not, the fact is people judge and interact with you depending on  your appearance.

I’ve seen the change. Before people judged me as a slob, lazy, and irresponsible person. Honestly, many of those statements were true. Now it is the total opposite, I am greeted with respect, people seem to want to strike a conversation with me and I definitely have made more connections, which I know will be helpful in my future. Personally, I feel a lot more confident with myself now, then I have ever been.

How did it happened

First things I did was, I put down all the video games for a moment and hid away from all my negative friends. Grabbed my old gym bag and laptop, then I went of to work on myself. I started researching the best diets and ways to change my personal style. It was time to change this old geek, into a different breed of geeks.

You have to put in the time, hours, days and maybe even months. You want to change your style and way of eating, this means you are changing your life style. Changing some of the most crucial things which make you, who you are is a big commitment. It takes time of course, but in the end, when sticking to it, you will be proud of yourself. Nothing is better than challenging yourself.

Top to Bottom

First it’s hair style. Personally, I felt this was the first step. When I went to my hair stylist, I asked what was the best hair style for my face, after all, she is the professional. She started scanning through some books and nothing. Later she asked if I liked anything in particular, something I have seen and liked lately. After her disagreeing a few times, she finally decided on one she thought would fit me best.

This is my current hair style. At the moment
  • When looking for a hairstyle you must remember if it will be proportion to your face.
  • Make sure you love your hairstyle 100%! Remember, you are going to be wearing it every single day.
  • Do not forget to style your hair before you leave your house, then what is the point.
  • Do not forget to visit your Salon and/or Barber every other week. When your hair starts to grow in, your style starts to look unnatural.
  • Lastly. Be confident, at first your friends and family will be surprised, but remember, you are killing it with your new hair cut!
Here is a face chart I found online. Little cheat sheet.
Upper Body Wear

One thing I always had trouble with was buying shirts a couple sizes to big. I was over weight and embarrassed of showing my gut, so instead I tried to hide it. But, later I started to realize. Wearing bigger shirts make people look bigger than what they really are. In other cases, it can make skinny people look even skinnier.

When buying shirts, make sure they are fitted correctly to your body, even if you are a little bit chubby, it will really step up your style. It will show how confident you really are. Own it, nothing is more attractive and respected than a confident man/women.

Try to stay away from shirts with flashy logos and ridiculous memes. Wearing a fitted button down shirt and/or fitted plane T-shirt, ups your style by 100%. Only one way to make sure is, trying it!

Do not forget, not all shirts are created equal. If you wear a Large size Gap shirt, it doesn’t mean a Large Old Navy shirt will be the same fit. Choose well and take your time. It is your hard earned cash, so spend it well.

Here is a guide I found online. May help you out.
Lower Body

Similar to choosing shirts. You want to make sure your pants are not baggy or tight on you. Try something well fitted and conformable.

When choosing your pants and shorts, make sure you are in between sizes. If you are a little over weight, do not wear something so tight it will squeeze your gut out. Stay away from pants that may be to baggy on you as well. For skinnier folks, stay away from baggy pants, please! It will make you look smaller than what you really are. If in trouble and you cant find anything is a perfect fit. Take it into a tailor. Trust me, it is worth every penny.

Before putting on your pants, make sure they are in one piece and stay away from wrinkles. Nothing says sloppy more then wrinkled clothing.

I got this from RMRS. Great guide on good fit.
Shoes and Socks

This part will be quick. Do not wear running shoes, unless you are going running! Please. Trust me, jeans and running, just looks, bad.

Always match your shoes with your belt. Brown shoes with Brown belt. Black Shoes with Black belt. You get my drift.

Good example of getting creative

Socks! Get creative! Stop wearing sport socks if you are not doing any sports, at the moment.

You can use this guide and get creative. Of course with in guidelines.
Do Not Forget

Always remember. the most important thing you should have on at all times is, confidence! Make sure you are confident in what you are wearing, by confident, I do not mean cocky!

Changing your style is hard and at times, it feels odd, but overtime you start to realize how much it changes you. Not for the worst, but for the best. Make sure you are not becoming a jerk, but instead a better and respectable person. Remember, a jerk in a thousand dollar suit is still a jerk. Always strive to be a better you!


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