Be 100% In Control Of Your Computer!

How many of you have been struggling with your old computer, which you probably had for 2 to 5 years. Has it been running slow lately, loading things seem to be taking longer than usual? Does your phone and IPad seem to be quicker than your home computer? Thinking of buying another computer but the prices are too high? Does it look and sound outdated?

This is a very short write on a couple reasons you should custom build a computer.

These have been the complaints most of my past clients have had when they come to me in need of a repair. Most people don’t even know the make of their computer. Sometimes this becomes hard for me, as I am just starting out and do not own a big private shop. Let’s be honest Starbucks is not an ideal place for me to inspect a computer. When I ask about their computer they respond with ‘’oh, it’s around 3 years old’’. So, in that case I reply with ‘’ it is time to build a new computer for you and/or just upgrade your old one’’.

Many feel buying a PC in a big electronic store is the only and best way in purchasing a new computer. Yes, it is easy. You go in, pick up a nice looking computer with the new version of Windows 8 or OS X Yosemite. Simple Right? Yes, until, you see the price of $1000 adding up to your total! Maybe you even paid $800, for something you may have been able to build for $400 computer  on your own. Trust me, this is the truth.

This is a 3 part video, conclusion. Mac is to expensive for what it offers.

This is how I see it.  It’s similar to buying a car you need because you will always use it, it will lose its value over a few months, and it might be sold more for what it’s worth. We, as the people putting in our hard earned cash should have done some research on the company make and really, everything else about the car. When in reality we don’t. Instead we listen to the person sitting in front of us, obviously trying to make a sell not really caring if the car will benefit us in the long run, he just wants the person to say yes and give him the money. (Do I sound bitter because I’ve been sold a crappy car due to my lack of knowledge, yes?)

  • Building Your Own Computer Means You Are In Control

When Building your computer, you are 100% in control. If you want a big flashy computer and want to run anything from video editing software, audio software and even high intense video games. If you want something a bit more laid back, something you can fit and replace your home entertainment system with, you may also do that for whatever price seems right for you.

Different case sizes, showing you what your options are. Always comes down to preference..
Bigger Sized Case, Wight very noticeable designs. Personally, Not my kind of style.
Bigger Sized Case, Wight very noticeable designs. Personally, Not my kind of style.
This is a very small case and very cheap in price. $120, possibly lower if doing a good search on the web. Great for the living room.
This is a very small case and very cheap in price. $120, possibly lower if doing a good search on the web. Great for the living room.

Online! You have the POWER to choose what website to buy from and how much you want to spend for an individual part. Websites like, and are great places to shop for your computer hardware needs and honestly, make it very easy when it comes down to information about your gear.

Data storage, ha! You may buy and place any amount of data storage you want (Hard Drives) in your computer. From 1 TB to 10 TB, if you want to save pictures, movies and music without any limit! What’s stopping you? All this with whatever is a reasonable price for you.

You can spend $400 on a PC and be set for a couple of years. Trust me, it will be running better than anything you would be buying in a store with a crazy price tag. Once you feel your computer is being out classed by something new out in the market, well, now we go into buying parts and upgrading your PC.

  • Upgrading Old Hardware Leads To Saving Money!

First thing we think of is price when buying a brand new computer. But, buying new parts and using them to upgrade your out dated computer may actually lead you into saving money.  Carefully choosing the parts you need to replace, instead of having to buy a brand new computer will save you time, give you an option on performance and look.

Because not every computer is created equal, well they do not have to be. If you want to change your old computers appearance and make it perform just as you want it to, you may by adding aftermarket parts from shopping online. You may buy them individually instead of having to buy a computer which you had no control over what went inside.

Our old computers may be reconstructed from the ground up. Sometimes adding new pieces of RAM new power supply and adding more hard drive space may make a difference in your computers performance. Sounds simple and cheap, it is!

If you are 5 years into a computer you may need something more than RAM and HARD DRIVE. This may need to be a change on CPU and MOTHER BOARD. Which are not expensive if you do the right research. Ranging from $120 to $200 with both hardware components CPU and Motherboard. Still saving you a huge amount of money!

  • How are you going to know what parts are good for you, you say!

Hmmm…. The internet! We forget how much information is out there about, well anything, especially on tech. The kind people over in YouTube and Computer websites are very nice with handing out informational videos and blogs about hardware performance and reliability. Many even compare prices between competing companies and explain which is worth your cash.

Websites I visit, personally my favorites.

They all seem to be in a small little family.

Going back to the vehicle analogy, when buying a car. It is something you are always going to use and invest your money on. It is wise you do your research before purchasing a vehicle. Make and model, how many miles per gallon, reliability, power and of course, the look.

Similar with computers, some people use it for school, some for entertainment and work. Whatever it is, we are always using our computers. We should know about the power intake, how long it will last for, what the computer will be used for and if it is reliable.

So why not take the time in learning about Computer Hardware, just a little and start to build your own list of things you want in it.  Start asking someone nearby whom knows about computers and ask them to guide you through it. I am sure you can find them anywhere in your town. Then you may start by showing them your list and goals on what kind of computer you want. You choose your components and let him/her build it for you. Maybe later on you may build one on your own. Just make sure you are in control of what goes inside your rig.

Anyone living near Santa Barbara and Goleta area and need help. You may send me a message if you are interested.


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